A Favorite Southern Wedding Tradition

Any Carolina Love couple can tell you, I'm not the most traditional person.  I will forever advocate for first looks (while fully respecting anyone's decision to wait until the ceremony) and generally believe traditions (and rules) were made to be broken.  More personalization and less tradition please!  But with all the insane rain Asheville has been getting lately, there is one Southern wedding tradition I can fully get behind - burying of the whiskey bottle!  Perhaps it could be my deep love of whiskey or the moment the bride and groom share together when digging up the bottle on the wedding day but it's the perfect mix of classic and fun!

As the tradition goes, the whiskey bottle must be buried upside down at the ceremony site location exactly one month prior to the wedding.  Oh, and it must be completely full so no sips while digging the hole!  Megan and Eric followed this tradition and enjoyed perfect Spring weather on their special day!

Colleen and Brenton (who were married just this past Saturday!) also participated in the tradition.  As their ceremony time of 6pm began drawing nearer, the sky darkened and the wind picked up.  I was almost convinced we were in for another Spring shower that has been gracing Asheville almost every single day but just in time the sun came back shining through.  It must have been the whiskey!  We loved how Colleen and Brenton incorporated the digging up and sipping of the whiskey as part of their wedding ceremony.  The perfect blend of the traditional and a modern twist!  A favorite part for the crowd was when Brenton opened the bottle and tossed the cork!  Once the bride and groom take a sip out of the bottle, the tradition continues that the whiskey should be shared with the guests! 

So cheers to good weather, beautiful weddings and great whiskey! 


Photography by Urban South Photos & Taylor Heery Photography